Dr.Gail Smith ~

Dr.Gail is an ordained Non-Denominational
Metaphysical Minister since 1976 and is a gifted
Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Published Author
and has appeared on TV and Radio. With a BA
degree in Psychology, MS and PhD in Philosophy
she has performed over 1000 Weddings in the San Diego
and Los Angeles areas.

She brings a unique Love, Passion and Professionalism
for creating a warm and gentle sacred spiritual
partnership with the two of you, to design your special day
and to fulfill all your dreams and wishes.

Dr.Gail's Intention, is for you as a couple to express
your own personal vows of Love and Commitment.
Together creating a Joyous Celebration of the start
of their New Lives Together, using writings from
many unique sources so that all in attendance
have their "HEARTS BLESSED" with Love,
Romance, Humor and Joy!

"Dr.Smith, thank you for performing our wedding ceremony IT WAS PERFECT!!! We've
received so many compliments about how touching and emotional the ceremony was, it was very
moving for both of us. Thank you for helping to create such a Magical and Memorable day.
With Love, Jeff & Alicia- San Diego 2011"

                                Craig & Silvia
                                  Malibu 1976

                                Brian & Sydney
                              Balboa Park 2001

                               Stacey & John
                             San Diego 1998

                              Tracey & Michael
                               Pala Mesa 2003

" Love one another but make not a bond of love.
Let it rather be a moving sea
between the shore of your souls."
                                      The Prophet

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